Good design is big business.

Studies like the recent McKinsey report on The business value of design are providing solid evidence that companies investing heavily in design are more successful than their peers. Furthermore, designers now are being viewed as leaders The Innovation Series and included more in strategic discussions.

So why then do so many companies still seem to be so far behind?

InVision surveyed thousands of companies for their recent Design Maturity Report which concluded that only 5% of companies are leveraging design at the highest level. Understanding why is complicated.

I’m sure we all have opinions, but we don’t have any definitive, data-backed answers.

That’s where we need your help. We are launching a survey of our own to help shed some light on the challenges facing design inside companies. The survey should take about 10 minutes, and the results are 100% anonymous. The summary data will be compiled and presented in the 2019 DesignOps Report early next year. If you participate you will get a copy of the report and will be able to see where your company ranks among your peers.

One final thing…this survey isn’t just for designers. It’s for everyone that touches digital products in any way. So feel free to invite others to participate. Thank you.